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Use this form to send a message direct to the emma team if you would like help with

  • writing, editing and similar skills
  • having your research thesis copyedited by one of our experienced editors under IPEd or international guidelines; we need some information including:
    • your name
    • your university
    • your location (if face-to-face contact is preferred)
    • topic and brief description (including whether scientific material is included)
    • length of thesis (words)
    • realistic deadline for editing plus submission deadline
    • principal supervisor’s written permission to seek editorial assistance (will be needed to proceed once the editing is agreed on)
    • Please give us plenty of notice: at least 4 weeks for most theses, at least 2 weeks for shorter theses – more if you need help with English grammar (longer theses take longer to edit – ask for a free preliminary discussion with the editor)
  • forming a group for a Grammar in a nutshell workshop (in person or by video-conference – maximum group size 6 in person; 12 online (currently online by Zoom only because of Covid-19 health restrictions)
  • asking for  group or one-on-one mentoring in any aspect of editing, writing or setting up a freelance editing business – currently by Zoom or other video-conferencing, or by email
  • developing teaching skills
  • information about the revised edition of Working words
  • information about the second edition of Effective writing  (recommended text for Grammar in a nutshell workshop)
  • details of the new study plan for exam preparation – help with preparing a personal timetable
  • contacting any of ‘our team’ – please say who you would like to contact – your enquiry will go to that person
  • asking for permission to republish a book review or other material on this website

… or anything relevant that we haven’t listed here.

Your message will go direct to Elizabeth who will pass it on to the appropriate team member. Please note that you cannot send attachments with this message. If you need to send a sample for assessment, perhaps of a thesis to be edited, please contact us first and we will then pass on to you an appropriate email address to which attachments can be sent.